His Sinful Love
By tomboyhijabi
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i was crawled in a ball in the alley crying my eyes out,i had enough of my foster parents i decided to run away,i couldn't keep up with them,this time my foster father rapped me "Moi petite" a raspy french accent voiced,i tensed my heart picked its pace but i ignored the stranger "hello there little one" a voice spoke in English this time,i didn't look at him,i just continued crying,i heard him sigh and slide down beside me,i didn't make any attempt to move He touched my arm,a jolt of electricity shoot through me,i sucked in a breath "did you ran away?" he asked rubbing my arm in a comforting way I nodded "okay,i will take you to my house" i did'nt look at him i just nodded in approval,might as well let him take me and kill me if he have that motive on me apparently the stranger that took me in was the leader of a bandit,i lived with him and became a member of his crew for years,he was always soft on me and cared about me while he was the exact opposite on the rest "i love you hayden" i decided to tell him cause holding it in wouldn't help me but only increased my craze for him He looked at me and frowned,the look on his face made my heart shatter into million of pieces "you shouldn't" he gave me a cold glare and left me rooted on my spot with a bleeding heart I became sad and depressed,stealing more than i was ordered to almost getting caught my the cops and i might of cut a guy's genitalia,my bad,i became a rebel in the team,i gave much more that i could give but in return hayden my boss had enough of my attitude and rapped me,i should be happy that i was rapped by the love of my life but i was more than broken,he rapped me and kicked me out,left me on the curb to fend for myself,he was afraid i would get them all caught because of my reckless behavior and since then i let life deal with me without fighting back Read and find out ;)

chapter one

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His Sinfu...
by tomboyhijabi