One Enchanted Night
By Helandri
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I have completed this story at last. The story has changed quite a bit and I will upload it under a separate section as One Enchanted Night (Complete). I have also started planning the next book in the series. The first part will hopefully be ready in December 2012. It is about Gina, a modern day vampire in Cape Town, South Africa. She has to go on a quest and face her past from which she has been running for the last 200 years. It catches up to her in a roundabout way with interesting consequence. It also features other characters like Nkosi, a sangoma/ Magi, with a great secret responsibility resting on her small shoulders. Chris, Gina’s unsuspecting, werewolf sidekick, who tries to put in some humour in dire situations. And don’t forget Jean-Claude our European vampire; send by the Council to work on everybody’s nerves. Will Gina conquer her fears by facing her past? Will Nkosi finish her quest and be relieved of her responsibility and be free to love? Will Chris finally grow up to play with the big wolves? Stay tuned and you will soon find out…

One Enchanted Night - Prologue,Chapter1&Chapter2

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One Encha...
by Helandri