The Guardian of Kat...
By KeladryAnn
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(On Hiatus) 17-year-old Maxine can control dreams. Her entire life, people have told her she's delusional. Hallucinating, lying. Magic isn't real. One night, desperate to save her mother, she accidentally rips a hole between magic and reality. With shadow monsters on the loose and her father's mental health degrading, Max finds herself on the run from a society of magical people she never even knew existed. They say she's evil. She's got nothing else to lose. -*-*- Koda has other problems. Too smart for her own good, Koda has always been the smart-aleck prankster in the back of the class. Magic is as natural to Koda as breathing. She learned it in school side-by-side with reading and arithmetic. She's the daughter of the Head Elder, after all. One day, she imagines she'll take his spot and lead her people to greatness. But when Koda graduates and is given her assignment, all her dreams go out the window. Instead of the honorable apprenticeship she's been working for, she becomes the aphiemi. Releaser of souls. Of course she refuses, but with growing unease from the breach in reality, her people need her more than ever. She's only got one choice: Continue the sickening role of aphiemi, or take down the stupid girl who caused this mess. -*-*- "I feel like I was let in on a special secret." --akennific "I believe that she has a gem here." --eliyeda "I hated that it was so short! I need more chapters...ASAP please 😊" --jessie-bear


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The Guard...
by KeladryAnn