Left On Read // Boo...
By cookiethife
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(T- Tim Drake. J-Jason Todd.) T: What do u think would happen if I put coffee instead of milk in my cereal J: It's 2am, fuck off. ---- J: LOG OUT YOU UGLY BITCH. ---- T: STARBUCKS WISHES IT COULD BE GOOD COFFEE! J: IT IS GOOD COFFEE! ---- J: What a basic white guy name, I feel sorry for any guy who's name is Tim. J: Like, your parents honestly hate you and you should probably put yourself up for adoption. ---- T: Y is Babs chasing Dickie?? T: YO he's running for the stairs instead of the elevator! ---- J: You're a mess, you can't just survive on coffee alone. T: Watch me ~ Tim and Jason aren't exactly found of each other, and it makes for some pretty interesting conversations.

|Left On Read|

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Left On R...
by cookiethife