Burden #OpenNovella...
By krazydiamond
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Annihilation meets Lost in Space The crew of the Brahma have the monumental task of settling the colony approved Nidhogg, in the newly pioneered Yggdrasil system. The conditions are the closest to ideal found to date for creating a viable human settlement; critical to ease the pressure of the long overburdened Earth. The colonists of the Brahma are the best and the brightest minds of a generation, set to test their skills against the wilderness of a new world. The groundwork has been laid, the skeleton of a habitat set up for their arrival. They have everything they need to succeed. But the exploratory team missed something. In the wood it waited, waited for the first moist breath of a living creature to lather the air and rattle the ancient husk.... Entry for the #OpenNovellaContest2019

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Burden #O...
by krazydiamond