His Hatred
By MokshDa_xoxo
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"Okay then honey take a seat," he said and I did as I was told. "Well Blair the past few months, things have been a bit complicated. We found out that someone was stealing from inside the company and we incurred way too much loss for us to be able to fix all the damage caused. So we are searching for a buyer who is interested to buy Lennox Cooperation," dad said as he looked down. "Did you guys find who it was and how is it that I don't know anything about this," I asked as I was truly shocked at the new piece of information. "We couldn't find anything because we had to fire a lot of people already. That kind of interfered with everything and now we have no leads. And Honey I asked everyone to not let you know anything. I'm sorry," dad said. "What about the marriage thing," I asked dad. He looked at me with his widened eyes. "You don't have to worry about that honey. We will never ask you to marry someone you don't know," dad said quickly. "Okay daddy but what was the proposition that they had," I asked him as I stroked his hand. "The Niarchos are interested in the company because we already have a very good name in the country. They are even willing to pay a lot more than we are asking. Since we are desperate to sell the company, they now have a condition that you should get married to the eldest son, Cyen Niarchos," dad said as mom rubbed his back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blair Lennox is ready to get married in order to save her father's company. In the process, she didn't know that she would get betrayed by someone who she thought was close to her. Cyen Niarchos is the heir in line for the inheritance of his family empire. The catch was that he had to marry the girl of his father's choice. In the end, he swore to make his future's wife a living hell. But what happens when they finally meet? Will the hatred fueling in Cyen ruin Blair?

Chapter 1

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His Hatred
by MokshDa_xoxo