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I'm taking part in a writing challenge started by mcschnuggles and others (on Tumblr). The challenge is to post an age regression story everyday over the course of the month of February. I didn't have time to post as much I wanted to during February so this is going to bleed over into March. Expect soft, fluff filled stories of a little and their Daddy every few days over the next few weeks. I might even post a few times a day or a few extra stories that I couldn't/didn't turn into full stories but didn't want to go to waste. Note: I'm tagging this story as DD/lg & Cg/l as well as age regression since I feel there is/can be overlap between the too. I'm also marking this story as Mature. This story is NOT sexual in nature but Wattpad has flagged my previous Cg/l stories as Mature when I didn't mark them so I will simply have them marked from the start to avoid that. If you're still on board, enjoy!

Day 1 - Little Slip Up

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by DaddyandBabyGirl