The New Phoenix
By EverAfterHighLover
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*warning mature content rated r sex scenes. please don't let this stop you from reading Let me Fill you in, my name is Princess Violet Electra Phoenix, age 18. And I'm being forced into a marriage I don't even want to be in. Crazy but it my moms idea. And right about now the Priest is supposed to say 'Does anyone object to the betrothal (marriage) of Prince Nick and Princess Violet?" The Priest asked in a pleading tone. And just as I was about to say " I do " someone took it from me. " We do!" Two Thick Sexy voices said together. Down at the doors of the church stood my sexy savors. *Who are those sexy savors and will they be able to stop this marriage? PLEASE READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!:) :) :) WARNING : Some mature content read at your own risk! I will announce when the scene starts and ends!

The New Phoenix chapter 1

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The New P...
by EverAfterHighLover