Wired (Gencio)
By Flutterbolt667
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The average pair of earbuds lasts six months. The more expensive ones last even longer than that. But when earbuds are in the custody of Genji Shimada, you'll be lucky if they last more than a week. The college student constantly has to replace his headphones, and while the dollar store ones get him by, it only takes a couple days until he has to buy new ones. After breaking a pair in the most bizarre way possible, his friend recommends he go buy an expensive, quality pair from the local music store. When he walks into said store, his eyes fall on the most amazing, upbeat, inspirational person he has ever met. He can't NOT get to know the guy. Join Genji as he goes on the the wildest journey of his life, just to befriend and fall in love with an adorable musician. •~• I fell in love with Gencio like a month or so ago, and while editing some pictures my brain just went on autopilot and made this book cover... And, well, the story just made itself after that. Hope you enjoy! Overwatch belongs to Blizzard Entertainment and I claim no ownership of any art used. © @Flutterbolt667


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Wired (Ge...
by Flutterbolt667