The Undiscovered Gi...
By Dancing_Angel88
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Having discovered her worst nightmare had come true, Aya is still traveling with her older brother and sister and the Avatar. Aya finally got her wish and discovered her bending ability but it's the one elemental she despises the most; Fire. Aya is beyond terrified and confused about her bending ability and how she got it. She thinks she's the daughter of a waterbender and was born in the Southern Water Tribe but she has yet to discover her story. Aya knows she's different and she knows she has things to discover about herself. Wanting to tell her siblings and Aang about her firebending, she's scared of how they will react and decides to keep it to herself. As the adventure continues, Aya discovers how special she is and how she got her firebending. She may have discovered her bending element but she is still the undiscovered girl. Book 3 is out now!


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The Undis...
by Dancing_Angel88