The Loved One // KT...
By HobiAwae
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What is love? And how is it obtained? These were the only questions circulating Haewon's mind as she desperately searched for answers to flee a relationship she had started doubting was toxic until she stumbled across an 18th century book. The book, however, was not just words. He was not just a writer. She was not just a reader. It was more than just that, more than just the lover and the loved one. --------- "I lived my life with monsters, believing that this was love all along." - "Aren't you going to tell her?" "Drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring, Seokjin, my friend." --------- WARNING: CONTAINS MENTIONS OF VIOLENCE, ABUSE, BLOOD, ANGST AND ALL SORTS OF SAD THINGS ------ 'This was very interesting to read. Your description of words during the story astounds me and it was something I really enjoyed as I was reading.' [Reviewed by @HOBILETH on Bangtan Writer's Reviews by @TheBTSWriters] -Status: Ongoing - A Kim Taehyung fanfiction - Credit: @HobiAwae - Cover: @riseofsuga


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The Loved...
by HobiAwae