My Light in the Dark
By LadyAlice25
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He bends down and I think he's about to whisper in my ear but then his soft lips land on my cheek and stay there for a little longer than I'd expected. A shiver runs through me and I press my thighs together. I catch the side of his mouth lift; he knows what he's doing. That look on his face makes my knees weak and he pushed his mouth close to my ear. I can feel the slight stubble on his face tickle my jaw. "That." I turn my head to question him but he continues in a much more seductive voice. "That's the face you do when you want me to kiss you." I pull in a sharp intake of breath and feel him chuckle against my skin while he drags his lips down my jaw. When he pulls away and sits at his desk I'm left standing like I've just been slapped. His face however has the biggest smile I've ever seen. This date was going to be torture! ----------------------- Sophia Daniels finds herself facing a tricky point in her life but it can only lead to positive things. She meets a doctor when he mother struggles with health issues. The question lies with how she'll handle the package deal that comes with Dr. Ross and will he let her into his bubble?


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My Light...
by LadyAlice25