For Once
By Kempppp2
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • babies
  • bbw
  • blacklove
  • bwwm
  • guns
  • hate
  • hurt
  • jealousy
  • love
  • plussize


Anaya,Olivia,Ivory three college girls who have been friends since they were younger. All three girl have different things going on in life, but when one of the girls meet a very possessive man that falls in love with her and causes all of there lives to change. Anaya is 19 and she has 2 twin daughters, Kennedy and Kendrea. She doesn't have the best relationship with her family because they are very colorist toward the girls in their household. Anayas' sister where all light skin and skinny whereas she was was darker toned and plus sized. When a family secret gets out it turns the family upside down. Olivia Tolbert was 19 also in college . She is a plus sized black girl who was adopted into an all white family. She loved her family and had great relationship with them besides her sister April. When Olivia decides to take a trip with her school around the world, she meets a guy who she thought she loved until everything changes. Ivory was also 19 and in college. Her and Olivia have been friends since, elementary school, they met Anaya in highschool at a party. Ivory came from a broken abusive home and did everything she could to get into college and get away from that life. These three girls life have been turned upset down but when Luke Darren Anderson comes into their lives it shakes them to the core.

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For Once
by Kempppp2