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In Rome, on 19th April 2018, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations designated Sri Lanka's ancient yet still functional irrigation mechanism known as Ellanga System (to be more analytical and technical; Cascaded Tank-Village System) as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS). FAO Deputy Director-General, Ms Maria Helena Semedo, granted the prestigious GIAHS Award to the Secretary to Sri Lanka's Ministry of Agriculture, Mr B. Wijayaratne, at the International Forum and Award Ceremony for new GIAHS Sites held at the FAO headquarters in Italy, Rome. The GIAHS Award for Ellanga System / Cascaded Tank-Village System was bestowed upon Sri Lanka by FAO in response to a proposal submitted by Sri Lanka's Ministry of Agriculture which requested FAO to incorporate the Ellanga System / Cascaded Tank-Village System of Palugaswewa (Anuradhapura District) in the FAO list of GIAHS. Palugaswewa consists of 12 Cascaded Tank-Village Systems within the Malwathu and Yan Oya river basins.

Origins of Ellanga System / Cascaded Tank-Village System

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Ellanga S...
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