RWBY:Let Your Heart...
By Tojamaru
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Liam Rose was adopted by the Rose Family when he was left at their doorstep when he was an infant, for ten years they tortured him and put him down about himself. The only hope Liam had was a boy that was a year younger then him that appeared on an island in his dreams. One day Liam was finally fed up with the abuse and ran away in hopes of finding the boy from his dreams. Unfortunately along the way Liam let the darkness consume him, which the being Ansem control of his body. Zane Goodwitch was special from the moment he was born. The Wizard Yen Sid appeared before his mother after he was born and told her he was destined for great things. 2 years after Liam ran away Zane fights him whiles he's being controlled by Ansem. Zane is able to reach out to Liam and help him fight against Ansem's control and free Kairi. Afterwards they bring Liam to Beacon where Yen Sid and Ozpin are waiting for them to figure out where to go from here. Liam is willing to accept any punishment Yen Sid has for him, but the Wizard asks him to train to become a Keyblade master in order to atone for his sins. Join Liam and Zane as they fight darkness and Grimm alike in order to become Keyblade Masters! What adventures await and what heroes will they meet? RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth, Kingdom Hearts belongs to Shinji Hashimoto, Tetsuya Nomura. Disney characters belong to Disney, I own my OCs.

The Keyblade Weilders

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by Tojamaru