All Boys Have Cooti...
By Molly_me12
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Jane Trevors was the tomboy of her town. In kindergarden she was the first one to climb up to the top of the play ground structure. In sixth grade she beat up a boy who had a crush on her. After that no boy had a crush on her again, or told a soul if they did. In seventh grade she joined the boys lacrosse team. Even though her mother was very against it, she went ahead anyways. To her fathers pride she became one of the countries best lacrosse players. When her father moves her and her family across the country to the top lacrosse high school school. She finds out that her new school is a posh school with stuck up bitches and jerks. All she wants to do is play lacrosse. But what happens when her team as well as more than half of the schools boys are trying to get her attention. What if five of them want her so bad they are willing to give up anything to be with her. But dont all boys have cooties? © copyright Molly_me12 please do not copy thx :) cover made by @tamedkiss #wattys2015

All Boys Have Cooties

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All Boys...
by Molly_me12