The Daughter of Bla...
By DevilsMischief
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Beta Black is the daughter of Sirius Black, her mother was a pure blood that was supposed to just be a one night stand, but hearing that she was pregnant with his child, Sirius stayed. Him and her mother never fell in love, but became close friends while waiting for their child to be born, but her mother was killed leaving Sirius alone with her. What happens when James and Lily are killed? How will her life change? Why am I asking you? I don't know, but you can read and find out just what happens. I do not own anything besides my own characters, all rights go to J.K Rowling. Some edits mine, most images/edits are not mine. Gifs not mine. Music not mine. Rated M for mature: language, violence, mildly sexual situations, and gore occasionally Also rated ET: For Emotional Trauma


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The Daugh...
by DevilsMischief