King of The Clouds...
By balladofmissjackson
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"Is that all you're going to do for the rest of your life? Just smoke pot and throw your life away?" He looks at me for a moment then places the delicate roll in his mouth. "Trust me doll, if you weren't so stubborn i'd be doing you for the rest of my life." I draw silent. He brings the lighter to his face and lights the joint sitting between his perfect lips. --------------------- THIS BOOK STARTS OFF BAD BUT GETS BETTER I PROMISE !! DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against Sarah and Brendon but she will not be appearing in this story. This book is simply for entertainment purposes. All the love, x - author. WARNING: This book will contain strong language, drug usage, smut, etc.

•The Boys Bathroom•

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King of T...
by balladofmissjackson