Lonely lovers (Anti...
By Sean_McLoughlin_
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She was always alone.... she never had friends she barely knew what it was like to love someone.... she was perfect.... but so broken.... lost.... À̴̱͝L̜̳ͮ̉O̴̰̝̞̽̄͊͟ͅÑ͖̖̲̐̒͗E̷͔̎͠͠͝ͅ she never deserved to be neglected, and yet she was. Before her all i wanted was the control over what was rightfully mine... now its more complicated, i want my own... my own body so i can forever hold her... and cherish her.... but our kinds aren't meant to be... we could be killed if anyone found out. The risks could be taken if the love is worth waitin. She is perfect... and i want her all to myself.... and it angers me every time i see them with her, they dont belong with her, i do.... and i will prove that too her.... or I'll just force her to see my way... (This is an Anti x Reader, yes this is why i gave up on my other one... but don't expect me not to give up on this one lol anyways enjoy! Warning there is explicit content in this, sexual content, murder, suicide, cursing, racism, and other triggering topics will be mentioned in this story so please read on your own terms <3 love y'all)

Lonely nights

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Lonely lo...
by Sean_McLoughlin_