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FANTASY - COMPLETE ✩ The princess of the Fire Lands is sold into marriage to a foreign prince. While trying to adapt to the new kingdom, she discovers a plot to reignite the Fire War. Many want her dead, but she must join forces with her sworn enemy to stop the world descending into war again. ✩✩✩ Lumi is sixteen, painfully quiet and shy, and blindly loyal to her abusive twin brother, Tai. Her dream is to join the fire army and serve her brother faithfully. But her dreams are shattered when her grandmother, Empress Kiyo, arranges her marriage to a foreign prince. Prince Raphael of Lombardia is all good looks, grace, and charm, with the ancient magic of air and thunder in his blood. He's the perfect match; the heir to the most influential nation in the world. But his father has a reason for this arranged marriage, and Raphael will always put his nation before his new bride-to-be. Then there's Ariane and Isabella Domez: sisters, and orphans of the Fire Wars. With no one else to care about them, Ari will do anything for her younger sister. Even if that means waiting on the cruel Winter Princess, who has sworn to hate the Fire Princess. BOOK I STARRLINGS reading order: Book 1: HOUSE OF FIRE Book 2: HOUSE OF WINTER This young adult fantasy novel is set in a world full of elemental magic, magical creatures, and warring kingdoms. The first book in this series is set almost entirely in a magical school, Hilverton College, where the most elite magical students - princes and princesses - train to become powerful Starrlings, and learn to harness their own magic and the magic of their creatures, called Kinnlings. [EDITED VERSION 2020]

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