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By Ilovesweets
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"Fuck you!" I hissed as he held me back from punching him. For a split second his grip loosened, giving me the opportunity to slap him again - yet as soon as I tried to hit him, he swiftly pushed me backwards, causing my back to collide with the wall. Still struggling, I looked up to see his obsidian eyes piercing into my own before he quickly cupped my face and roughly pressed his lips against mine.' Sixteen year old Louise 'Lou" Whitlock was minding her own business when a sudden turn of events hurls her in debt with hot headed Zachary Caldwell, the twenty four year old owner of the well-known Ebony Records company. However, after their initial hatred for one another, it becomes clear there's something more than what meets the eye between them, smouldering beneath the surface. With a large age gap, various love interests and many other obstacles to overcome, will they manage to stay together?

Chapter 1.

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Work For...
by Ilovesweets