My Twisted Heaven (...
By NoticeTheChange
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(coverart by : Aleisbae! on deviantART (because I cannot draw to save my life) ((This is a Alastor x Angel dust fic, if you don't like then don't read just to leave rude comments, I originally didn't plan to make it an accual book, but due to popularity in my one shot book I decided WHAT THE HAY! Enjoy~)) Alastor never saw the appeal in love, as he never found himself attracted to anything in any romantic sense. in fact he found the concept simply confusing. Angel always saw the appeal in love, being one to often fall to quickly into the matter, and just as quickly fall out of it, He never dwelled on it too much, love wasn't confusing to him, it simply was what it was. These two are opposites in every sense of the word, one Asexual the other extreamely Sexual. One who prefered modesty, and another not even acknowledging that modesty even existed. Finally one a blood red and the other a bright highlighter pink, colour's that are known to clash. So when Pink falls for Red, and Red unknownly fall's for Pink, what will ensue? Is pink truely falling for Red or is it just a fluke?

Chapter 1: is that jealousy i smell?

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My Twiste...
by NoticeTheChange