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* Part 2 of a series * BELLA LEE, other wise known as Isabella lee rose. She's been in hiding for 5 years. But that doesn't mean she has been just sitting back and using all the money from her parents. Isabella or well Bella is working her way up to the top to claim her rightful throne. Bella went from the bottom to the top in 5 years. But she hasn't stayed the same. She has become colder and more ruthless.. the innocent Isabella rose is gone and replaced by Bella lee. The cold, broken, heartless.. queen who fought her way up instead of taking the kings hand. XAVIER JAY KING, other wise known as just the king or Mr. king. Xavier has been looking for his queen for 5 years. He is set on finding the rightful queen of his empire. Little does he know little old innocent Isabella right under his nose. But not the same innocent little 16 year old. She is now known as Bella lee.. the 21 year old, broken queen. Maybe the broken King can save his queen and maybe piece her back together. Maybe he can save the empires. Maybe they can save them all

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