The Love Of An Alpha
By love0for0drama
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''Well, I don't see the problem, Alpha dearest,'' I hissed, gritting my teeth. ''You leave me alone and everything will be-'' He interrupted me with a furious sounding growl. ''No,'' he stated, his eyes narrowed at me. ''You'll not leave. Not again. Every time you manage to create a distance between us, I'll drag you back to me. Even if you cross the borders of this pack, I'll bring you back to my side. It's only a waste of time.'' ~*~ Ironic, isn't it? Living in a pack called the Love Pack but having no one that loves you or even cares for you. Being locked up gives me much time to think. About how unfair this world is, since some people have everything their hearts desire, while others have completely nothing. Or what about the fact that I'm locked up in the first place? Just because I experienced something that nobody believes is true, doesn't mean I've gone mad. They're just too ignorant to realise that what I experienced has actually happened. ~*~ All she wants is to leave but he won't let her. He never will.


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The Love...
by love0for0drama