Hitachiin Triplets
By weird_otaku_fangirl
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Kuro is Hikaru and Kaoru's triplet brother. He's the youngest of the three. Not a lot of people know about him because he has been in the hospital for 7 years fighting cancer. Will he be okay? What will happen? Hi! This is not my story idea and I borrowed a few things from blamestorm13's book, The Third Hitachiin. I was inspired by this book and wanted to keep reading but they haven't updated since June of 2017. So, I decided I would rewrite and finish this fanfic for them. I did change a few things but base it off the description of the story instead of the character info because the description of the story said he was in the hospital because of cancer, but the character info said he had a weak heart. And I'm rambling....... Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new and reinterpreted version of the story that blamestorm13 created

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