Y/N Uchiha [Naruto...
By Inferno_Wolf
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Y/N has always been.... different that most. She only lived with her parents on the outskirts of the Uchiha compound as a kid, before they where killed in front of her. See what her and her cousins Itachi and Shisui do about the coup forming in their clan. Will she find out why her parents had died that night, and why she is so different?? - ⚠️ I don't own Naruto or the character's from the show(Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Shisui, and the Uchiha clan for example) that is owned by Masashi Kishimoto ⚠️ I only really own my own parts of the plot, (Y/N)'s back story, and any oc's that show up. Most picture's aren't mine but I will say if it's mine. ⚠️ This is a reader insert but because she is an Uchiha she has raven hair and coal eyes, BUT the tips of her hair are dyed (H/C) and her eyes have a (E/C) tint to them. Please don't be made at me! Your an Uchiha and they generally look the same, but I did my best for you to look like, well you! - I don't update fast or that much, but I love outside ideas! And feel free to correct my spelling mistakes, I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the story!!! - Started: 1/12/19 Completed: ???

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Y/N Uchih...
by Inferno_Wolf