The Wavering Hawk [...
By diahsulis
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Centuries ago, there was a secret mission to Mars. It was meant to find a new paradise, since Earth was on verge of death. But there, they found something else instead. Something left by an unknown yet extinct civilization. That's how Maha was born. That's how Nathaniel and the other six tube babies become the first generation of new super Human only to survive the new wild Earth and sterile generations. But Humans who feel threatened by their existence, declare a war, decision that lead to a never ending battle accross the globe. As a Maha, Nathaniel never feel empathy or any kind of emotions. He simply conquers all Humans to bring victory to his kind. Or so it was. As the war continues, Nathaniel began to wonder. Something inside him, silently moved. The questions arise. What is the meaning of victory, what kind of ending awaits him in the end, and what exactly he is fighting for? . It is a story about change and decision, a story with consequences in every choice, and story of a boy before his name was known by many.

P1-The Fall

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The Waver...
by diahsulis