The Wavering Hawk [...
By diahsulis
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[Rebellion Saga #1] Another warring Era began after The Third World War. Another fractions, another ideologies collision, between those who come from the Red Planet and those who stayed in the dying Earth. The one who modified life cycle to gain strength and those who used anything in their surroundings to barely survive. - He was never been a Human. Breed in laboratory far in the depth of Mars, He was a sentient Martian, came from a long extinct civilization, came back to filled the promise between two clans of planet. But stripped away from its identity, He found something else on Earth: people, despair, hope, and above all ... emotions. He never realized there is a hole inside his chest and when he realized, he was torn between hard choice, each one of them would forever warped his life, and his destiny.

P1-The Fall

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The Waver...
by diahsulis