The Meaning of Love...
By onemillionberries
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Noelle Bloom is a girl with a unique name. Complimenting this name is an even more unique personality. She lives a normal life, well as normal as a teenage life could get. But as it is, normal doesn't stay normal forever. Enter Ben Meyers, her school crush since freshman year, who's sister she ends up babysitting as punishment. He takes a keen interest in her after she slapped him, by accident of course. Welcome Alessandro "Alex" Lewis, her hot neighbor who's returned from Europe to attend college. He becomes intrigued with Noelle after she they share a drunken kiss. What do you get when you mix a teen, her crush, her hot neighbor all in one pot, a truckload of drama and awkward situations. Add a pregnant sister, crazy overprotective parents and even crazier cousins and it just spells disaster. Join Noelle on her crazy journey to juggle all the drama. Cover by @TheGreatSphinx

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The Meani...
by onemillionberries