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She may not hear your sweet warm voice, the cry of her newborn child or the weeding wows being told. She may not hear your scream of anger, cries of sadness and laughter of happiness. But she got a pair of eyes. With those she reads words forming on your lips, emotion written on your face and your brow rising. A pair of hands and feet's. With those she feels every single beat and thump, feeling it move through each limb, as if she has ears on them. A nose. With it she can spot a pie in a oven or a bird flapping it wings and more importantly the smell of arousal and love oozing of you. She's not a helpless lady in need of help. No, no, far from that. She is Yusri-Warsa Dalovana Esto. ยงยงยง Yusri-Warsa Dalovana Esto. She's been living in the Dac Pack for 3 years, all to finish her training and schooling for the Roman Week. The most important week of all's week. This is both the week where to find your mate instantly and the week where everyone gets transferred and ranked. Everyone's gets placed and everyone gets a place. For Yusri-Warsa this isn't a exciting part of her secret life. But rather a part of her mission to fulfill one thing - free her people from the people of the Moon. Follow her on a path of personal choices, diplomatic dilemmas and a yellow eyed wolf hell bent on finding about her. This is the eclipse. __________________________________________ Accomplishments: 46 in #warrior 16.1.19 49 in #rouge 29.1.19 136 in #poc 30.1.19 60 in #poc 6.2.19 18 in #poc 20.2.19 24 in #independent 28.2.19 23 in #independent 28.2.19 20 in #independent 7.3.19 138 in #eroticromance 13.3.2019 6 in #fantazy 25.7.2019 928 in #deaf 5.8.2019 500 13.2.2019 1K 1.3.2019 3rd place in fly High Awards ( Werewolf/Vampire) ___________________________________________ Reviewed by the @MajesticIncAwards 4.03.2019 PUBLISHED:


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