The Huntsman • Bo...
By ScarletMoon0143
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**Under Heavy Editing** Evangeline Locke always knew who she was. She was the Princess of Norïa, the one and only daughter of the King and Queen Locke. She was their only child and only heir to the throne of her Father's Kingdom. Many young women would've killed to be in her overly expensive shoes, but Evangeline would just as gladly give it up if it was an option to her. She hated the rib crushing dresses and the thick powders that would coat her skin. She hated the lies she had to constantly tell to her own people, using fake smiles and forced laughter to trick them into thinking she was happy. She hated the secrets she had to keep from everyone, including the one secret she couldn't even tell her own family: Evangeline was a Witch. And the power inside her only seemed to grow the more she supressed it. Evangeline had always struggled through her life, feeling as if no matter what she did, she would drown. She could never make any choices for herself and she couldnt even do what she wished half of the time. She was a just a puppet on her parents strings, her actions reflecting whatever it was that they wished of her. It wasn't until she heard of her forced engagement that she decided to build up her courage and cut the strings from her parents, fleeing into the night. But the only she could think of as she flew through the trees was this: Who had they sent after her? How did he know more about her than she did herself? And why, on the name of the gods, did he have to be so attractive?

Aüthørs Nøte

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The Hunts...
by ScarletMoon0143