Star Cry
By jkay2948
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Kallin Rolken, unlike most, never wanted to join the Lunar Military. He was happy to drink and gamble his life away. But when a rebel group attacked his home planet, his own mother was one of the many casualties, and Kallin is out for blood. But being a grunt soldier won't do, not if he wants the revenge he craves. Star Cry is the most elite fighting force in the cosmos. They are the tip of the spear of the Lunar Military; and Kallin wants to drive it right through the heart of the rebels that took his mother. But as he climbs through the ranks, Kallin starts to see the corruption buried deep within the government and military he is fighting for. When rebel Amelia Jepson is taken prisoner by Star Cry, Kallin is suddenly conflicted as to where his loyalties lie. Because in the battle good versus evil, dark and light, is there a right side? For the cosmos allows both. Book 1 of the Lunar Woods Chronicles


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Star Cry
by jkay2948