the power of gravit...
By aniayy_
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"I don't want to see you with him ever again.Understood?"I tell her and she scoffs "Or what Hunter?Tell me Hunter ! What are you going to do? Because I am tired of you and all your drama!"She screams the last part as I smirked at her. I take advantage of this moment to sneak my arms around her waist and pull her closer. "Or I'll destroy him. I'll fucking destroy him and his family.Why? Because he dared touch what's mine."She frowns at my statement and try to push me away but I don't let her go. I can't let her go. "I'm not y-"I cut her off by kissing her hungrily.I couldn't hear her say that again.It hurts me too much. If only she could understand that there was no way in hell I'll let go of her. I will keep her by my side. Forever and even god won't stop me from having her. No one will.

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the power...
by aniayy_