Suicidal Blood, Mur...
By Ellagance
  • Mystery / Thriller
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[ C O M P L E T E D ] A short thriller story. ❝A knife with only his DNA on it? It's a possible suicide weapon. In a room full of mess and blood? It could be murder.❞ Whitney Winters felt like she was strucked by lightning after ackowledging that her cheerful and joyful boyfriend, Daniel Rust, committed suicide in his room a day after their second-year anniversary. But she trusted her guts, she knew it wasn't possible for her 'soon-to-be-husband' to die just like that. With the help of Ava Smith, a police in training, will she be able to solve the danger that lurks around blood, hatred, and backstabbing people? "I know he would not die if he still loved me so much." S U I C I D A L B L O O D , M U R D E R O U S B R U I S E S . Copyright 2019 by Ellagance. Started : April 11, 2019 Ended : April 15, 2019


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by Ellagance