Fifty Shades Of Bug...
By Ddb667
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This is the story of when Betty Cooper moves to New York to become a writer. When she arrives she goes to her apartment which she shares with Veronica her best friend and Cheryl her cousin. When Betty gets settled in she starts looking for a job. She is recommended by Veronica she should work as an assistant. So that's what Betty does. She looks online for a job as an assistant and sees that there is one available in New York working for "Jughead Jones". so she applies. The next day she gets an email saying she got the job.-Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper. 22 years old. Born and raised in Riverdale. Jughead Jones the Billionaire, lives in New York by himself with his butler Malachi and cook Penny Peabody. Jughead is lonely and looking for someone to "play" with. Jughead is the town Fuck boy. He goes around looking for some girl to play with. He seduces them first, then sleeps with them, then leaves them or get one of his bodyguards to kick them out. But, when he sees that Elizabeth Cooper applies for his assistant job he thinks it's time to play with another girl then he will fire her and leave her jobless. But, when Betty arrives and they spend time together he thinks he starts to develop feelings for her.- Forsythe "Jughead" Pendleton Jones III. 23 years old. Born and raised Brooklyn, New York.


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Fifty Sha...
by Ddb667