The Wings of Storm
By draphy
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Tahro Akagi shouldn't live in two worlds at once. Yet, forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. In a moment of desperation, Tahro's soul splits in two. While one of his selves remains in Japan, the other finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrossed in this world more than he ever thought possible, Tahro saves a character's life. But if a butterfly's wings can bring thunderstorms, then his every breath is another flap as it flies- his every heartbeat a danger to those around him. Unwittingly, he becomes entangled in a web of conspiracies between ministers, a murderous witch and a kidnapper with butterfly-patterned knives. Tahro learns he's changed the plot too much. Events that should happen don't and his new friends are caught in a crossfire he wants no part in. And when his friend is kidnapped, saving her could put everyone else in danger. Yet Tahro can't stand by and watch. *** I update every Saturday. Blurb written with the help of @catlegis. This was previously titled as The World Changer. #thecrystallineawards #TEA2020 #BGAwards #spiceoffawards #TheOasisAwards

1- The Book with Glistening Eyes

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The Wings...
by draphy