Spiderwidow (Into T...
By EmmaDanversAuthor
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Cara Parks never knew what greatness was. Until she was given the chance to experience it for a lifetime. ~~ Spiderman is gone. He disappeared, without a trace, without a fight. He seemed to vanish out of thin air, and hasn't been heard of in two years. And he's never coming back. Never. The glory days of the webslinger are over, for good. Nobody cares anymore though. Nobody even remembers Spiderman anymore, it's like he was erased from everybody's mind in the city of New York. He's just a fairy tale, a legend of a great hero that never existed. He was never supposed to exist. And nobody is allowed to remember he was alive. Nobody. But Cara Parks remembers. And she's the only one. She made Spiderman a promise...a promise to protect New York. She took the mask for him. She became Spiderwidow...for him. Now she's the friendly neighborhood Spiderman...even though superheroes are illegal in the first place. But something isn't right in New York, and Cara knows it's because of Spiderman's disappearance. People are dying, more and more, and the government won't do anything about it. They just seem to ignore all the recent murders, and everyone in New York ignores them as well. And the murder count just keeps getting higher. Her city is in great danger...and Spiderwidow is the only left to save it. But she can't do this alone. All she has is the Spiderverse, a few familiar heroes, and a little bit hope...she has to save her New York, and all the other Spiderverses before it's too late. Before the government destroys all of the Spiderheroes, in New York, and in the Spiderverse. Before all of her new friends die.. Including her. But Cara has never known what it's like to experience greatness before... But greatness doesn't always come easily. It comes within our hearts. "With great power, comes great responsibility.." ~~ •Make sure to check out my conversation for story updates!•

Prolouge-- "Greatness"

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