Resisting the Bad B...
By JasmineCroft_
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He shifts forward slightly, our lips lightly brushing. My eyes flutter shut. A part of me thinks I should be resisting, rejecting this, but I can't fight it. It's the most frustrating, exhilarating, irritating thing I've ever felt. Archer's hand cups my cheek, his fingers splaying into my hair. It feels so good. I want this I realize, no time to even process what that means as my brain keeps flicking between thoughts. "Don't think," he whispers into my ear. I hesitate. "I-" His lips on mine silence the rest of my words. He sucks on my bottom lip, nibbling it until moving up to the top one. After that, he kisses both. I whimper involuntarily, the sound unfamiliar to my ears. I mean, I've kissed guys before, but goodness this boy can kiss. I've never had it feel like it is now. We both pull back, breathing heavy. He grins at my flustered state, not a cocky smirk, but a...happy one? "Think about it, little dove. I'll see you Monday," he says, getting up and leaving the room. A few moments later I hear the front door shut and an engine start. Holy butterflies...what have I gotten myself into? [FULL EPIGRAPH INSIDE] SUMMARY: Raven has never been the most wanted girl or the most popular, but that doesn't stop bad boy Archer Cross from noticing her...and making it his mission to have her. He's wanted her for some time, a fact unknown to everyone around him. Always living in her sister's shadow, she doesn't believe him. She wasn't remotely as beautiful as her sister, or so she thought. Always the brunt of fat kid jokes and pranks, she finally decided to turn that around over the summer. With her new body, everyone has changed opinions and she's positive Archer's the same way. As he pursues her heart, she resists, telling herself she can't believe him-that he's not telling the truth. But does she actually believe that? WARNING: Contains swearing/strong language Started: 1/7/19 Completed:

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