The Cover Girl [Har...
By JustaRegularGuy
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Iridesca is a quiet, shy girl: she's homeschooled, lives in a small town in the south and hardly ever leaves her room. The only thing that keeps her sane is music; playing the piano and singing is what she loves. The only connection to the outside world is through the internet, where she posts videos of her singing. She's a YouTube legend for two reasons: One—she has an incredible voice; and two—no one knows who she is. They don’t know her name, not even what she looks like, as every video she posts, only her chest-down is visible. She’s just known as The Cover Girl, and she’d like to keep it that way. But when her angelic voice steals the heart of a certain British boy band member, he starts to get curious and begins putting the puzzle pieces together. He’s determined to discover who The Cover Girl really is and hopefully sweep her off her feet like she did him.

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The Cover...
by JustaRegularGuy