To Hope with the De...
By HalaMars
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A compilation of poems stemming from times of darkness. For it's only in the dark when you truly appreciate the flicker of light, and that light is the glimmer of hope in the midst of our hurts. Hello, dear readers! As a general overlook, in this particular compilation, you'll find poems written during times of depression-many inspired from personal experiences in dealing with it, and others just having a melancholy theme. I share these dejecting pieces to provide comfort in relatability. This is my first time sharing my pieces publicly, which is rather liberating! Most of these I've had hidden away, always being too shy to share them. However, I decided to post these here to help other people dealing with depression. I share the dark times with you, so maybe it'll help you get closer to the light. You aren't alone, and I'm hoping the reassurance of it being a greater epidemic than just you, is a launching pad to healthily dealing with it. Just know you don't have to do it alone. Keep going. We need you :) *Also, I would like to add the mandatory legalistic writer's note; this collection of poems, as well as the cover, belong to me :) Basically, "Yay, I made dis!" Thank you! Hope you enjoy reading!

Withered Seed

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To Hope w...
by HalaMars