Lucky Fan
By guktiddies
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This is a smut but it's not short enough for the oneshot collection book. Plus I wanted to make this as a book. It won't have a lot of parts maybe like 4 or 5 but this idea seemed cool to be its own thing. Jungkook fan fiction Y/n ends up going to a bts concert because of your best friend. You like bts but you don't stan them like your best friend does. Before the show, their is a fan sign that you both attended where you got to see all 7 members. One guy in particular looks interesting mainly because he seems into you and before you know it, your talking to him. 2 minutes of talking to an idol you thought you would never see again turns into him giving you his photo number and sneaking out after the concert for a one night stand with him. But you grow confused when he keeps trying to contact you even after that one night. It was just a one time thing right? || ON A HIATUS AS OF NOW ||

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Lucky Fan
by guktiddies