The Dark Era
By ninasweet998
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[Second Book] This is a time before Shiori ever found her twin. A time where she was all alone and struggling to survive. She even stood at death's door. That was until a certain young mafioso found her... . . . . . . . . (Hello again. This is the second story to my bungo stray dogs fanfiction series. I know, I know, my description still sucks. Oh well, I'm still learning how to write. Anywho, if you didn't read my first story, I highly recommend you do that first. It's called "Our Existence". Well, I hope you enjoy this story. Again, my grammar still sucks, so bare with me here. . . . Disclaimer: This is just a fanfiction. I do not own Bungo Stray Dogs or any of it's characters. The only character I own is the one I made up, Shiori. That's about it.) . . . Started: Jan. 22nd, 2019 Completed: Jun. 16th, 2019

Ch.1 The Boy

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The Dark...
by ninasweet998