Making Deals with t...
By Gelailah
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Breadwinner Julian Tezan gets the biggest twist of her life when she unexpectedly crosses paths again with billionaire Demitrius Crivelli, the guy she robbed three years ago. *** Willing to do everything for her family's sake, twenty-four-year-old Julian Tezan resorts to robbery to make ends meet. When she's finally working decently, she is suddenly tracked down by the guy she robbed three years ago. Left with no choice, Julian is forced to work for Demitrius Crivelli in exchange for a deal. The arrangement is simple: she works as his temporary secretary while she helps him find the ring she stole before. But with the numerous complications along the way, is the deal with the billionaire really as simple as it seems? Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. Cover Design by Regina Dionela

Making Deals with the Billionare

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Making De...
by Gelailah