Detention || Teache...
By UNCR3471V3
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o i k a w a t o o r u X r e a d e r "Hello, nice to meet you. I am your new teacher, Oikawa Tooru. Please address me as Oikawa-sensei," he introduced himself, winking afterwards sending the girls going crazy. The boys just either clicked their tongues, nodded, or didn't pay any attention to the new teacher in the first place. But he noticed a certain female student sitting at the back, scrolling through her phone, not paying attention. This ticked him off a bit, but he stayed patient. He ordered everyone to introduce theirselves and eventually, the girl at the back had to introduce herself. "My name is (Y/N) (L/N). My dislikes and dislikes... I don't feel like telling you. Dreams for the future... hadn't thought about it. My hobbies? I have lots of hobbies," the girl copied Kakashi Hatake's introduction from Naruto. The male teacher was beyond pissed at this point. "(Y/N) (L/N), detention." That was how it all started.

New Teacher || Chapter 1

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by UNCR3471V3