The Widow Of Magnol...
By SHANR1225
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Natalie Randall had it all. A dream home in Bethesda Maryland. A rich husband who was a prominent lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in D.C. Two beautiful children and all the cars and clothes that money could buy. But amidst all the glamour and all the power, an all too familiar horror lays hidden behind the gates of Magnolia Lane. Once exposed, she seeks to find absolution and regain a sense of who she used to be. As she begins to reset her life, the unspeakable happens, her husband is found dead in his office with his throat slashed. A seasoned homicide detective is hot on the trail and believes Natalie to be the killer. In an attempt to prove her innocence, she seeks to find the killer herself, staying 10 steps ahead of the investigation. In her search for innocence, she discovers a secret about her husband that shakes her to the core and chills her to the bone. ****THE WIDOW OF MAGNOLIA LANE IS CURRENTLY ON THE READING LIST OF WATTPAD'S PUBLISHING DIRECTOR (Deanna McFadden)**** ****THE WIDOW OF MAGNOLIA LANE IS CURRENTLY ON THE READING LIST OF WATTPAD'S DIRECTOR OF CREATOR DEVELOPMENT****

Part 1

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The Widow...
by SHANR1225