Final Stand of Death
By Beta_Mat_86
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5 Fallen victims have returned, donning new armor... which spells the end for Marilyn Mason. Who are they? NOTE: I don't own the right to Planet Dolan, WWE, and Celebrity Deathmatch. The fan-fiction you are about to read is a work of art. Names, places, and incidents are likely the creation of the writer or are used for the purpose of the work. Any resemblance to actual events or locations is by pure luck. This work may or not reflect the views or thoughts of any actual person being portrayed here this. Anyway, it's just a FAN FICTION! The line in the script form are others telling what is going on! They might have spoiler it. All well... Yes, there are clips in the fic just to give you an idea on what was going on.

Episode 1 (Rise From Your Graves)

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Final Sta...
by Beta_Mat_86