Choosing You
By StaceyA11
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When Elise Layton gets into serious trouble with a group of friends in her home town, her parents decide to send her thousands of miles away to protect her. They hope she'll finally change her rebellious ways and come back to them having matured. After a long and emotional conversation with her parents about where her life is headed, she gets on a flight. On her way from London, England all the way to a little U.S town called Rockport, she thinks of who she needs to be. She knows it's time to change and to repent for all of the things she's done to cause pain to others. She's going to use her best assets to help, rather than hurt people. Starting at an American high school is going to be a challenge for her, after leaving her sixth form in the U.K. She's nervous but that's something she'd never let show. She's been through too much to show any weakness. She knows she can use her strength to build others back up. Join Elise for the adventure of a lifetime....

Chapter 1 💃🏼

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by StaceyA11