The Gryffindor Prin...
By Hime_chan10
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Cover made by @July-is-Life When Petunia Evans was a little girl, and she witnessed her younger sister, Lily Evans make flowers dance with her magic. Petunia has been dreaming of doing the same thing, but sadly her dream was crushed when she witnessed her younger sister get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Petunia politely asked about her acceptance letter but was told that she was only a Muggle while Lily is a MuggleBorn. Petunia's love towards magic quickly changed into envious, and that feeling caused her and Lily to drift apart. Many years later, Petunia falls in love with a man named Vernon Dursley. The two then get married, and they had their first child together at the age of nineteen on May 5, 1978. Their first child is a baby girl named Daisy Dursley who looks identical to her Aunt Lily when she was Daisy's age with the long wavy hair, angelic face, and bright green eyes, but she has Petunia's blonde hair color. Having Daisy in Petunia's life made her think about her younger sister who is now known as Lily Potter since she married a wizard named James Potter from her Hogwarts. When Daisy turned two-years-old, something miraculous happened. Petunia couldn't believe her eyes when she witnessed Daisy showing magic at a young age due to wanting to have a cookie which was on the top shelf. Her envious towards magic drifted away because she didn't want her oldest daughter to feel like an outcast. It was as though Daisy having magic was fate so that Petunia and Lily could be reunited. I do not own the characters in this story except for Daisy Dursley. - January 4, 2019

Ch. 1 Happy birthday, my lovely Daisy

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The Gryff...
by Hime_chan10