The Vampire Prince...
By Mama_Kas
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Sequel to The Vampire Prince goes to High School. It's been a few months since Rin and Alexander have dealt with Micah. Their contract is behind them and everything seems to have returned to normal. But it isn't all rainbows and kittens, new changes are coming to society. With the passing of the Vampire Equal Education law, vampires are now allowed to attend school with humans. Though only a handful of schools will be chosen, the doors have been opened and not everyone is happy. For Rin, despite having Micah removed from her life, she isn't thrilled about being in the public eye. It doesn't help that she's dating royalty either. While the couple has agreed to keep their relationship a secret, it's easier said than done. For Alexander, the reality of being the next heir is a constant factor he has to think about. While his motivations have shifted, the weight of responsibility is still there. The path has been laid out for him but some part of him doesn't know whether to follow or deviate. Ultimately, there are no guidelines to follow in life. Together, the new couple must navigate dating, social constraints, and their doubts.

The Vampire Equal Education Law

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The Vampi...
by Mama_Kas