Destroying The CEO
By coinikee
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I watched him as he walked towards me, his stride purposeful. But what he did not know, was that I would never cower. He would have to beg before I surrendered myself to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cecelia Fells grew up working hard for everything that she owned. Nothing came to her easily, which ended up shaping her personality; making her strong and independent. She worked hard and she took pride in her work. Until an arrogant man enters her life and turns her hard work to ash. Brenton Maslow was born and grew up in power. He owned power and that's all he knew. He expected people to cower, to beg him for mercy, as that was what he was used to. But when a woman refuses to acknowledge his power and submit to him, Brenton knows that he has met his match. And Brenton does everything he can to win. Cecelia does not know how powerful Brenton is and she does not care. Brenton ruined her life, and she was going to make him pay. And she would win. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warning: Mature content!

Part 1

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by coinikee